Horizon Marketing is a full service digital agency for small to medium sized businesses.  This means that we direct all of our efforts to helping SMBs find the right digital marketing techniques to build their online presence and get the most out of their advertising dollars.

Based in Orange County Ron Morgan, Horizon Marketing President has over 30 years of impactful marketing experience. Ron stays current with all the latest changes in Internet marketing by participating and contributing to leading industry blogs and ‘think tanks.’

  • Ron is a popular presenter at trade shows and conventions on Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Website design.
  • He is also a guest instructor at local community colleges on Internet Marketing.
  • Ron has certifications from both Google and Yahoo.
  • He has his degree from Pepperdine in Business Management.
  • Ron has been active in both community and church service including – American Red Cross Instructor, Special Olympics volunteer, BSA merit badge counselor, community service (beach clean-ups, homeless shelters, food banks and more).


What Makes Horizon Marketing Different?

There are several things that make Horizon Marketing stand out from the crowd.  Some of these differentiation factors include:

  • Client exclusivity. Unlike many other marketing firms, part of the Horizon Marketing promise to you is that we will not take on any of your competitors as clients.  We will discuss your expectations and will agree not to work with any of your geographic or niche competitors in order to give you the very best and most exclusive service.
  • Rigorous on-boarding process. We ensure that we understand our clients at their very deepest level and that we communicate with them to develop the ideal digital marketing strategy.  Our onboarding process includes:
    • Client survey and SWOT analysis. We carefully identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of your business and craft your individual marketing plan based on these components.
    • Develop a clear understanding of client goals. We have to understand your company’s vision in order to create the right marketing plan for you, so we analyze your one-year, five-year and ten-year goals so that we can work with you to create the right marketing strategy.
    • Website analysis. Next, we analyze your website carefully to determine if you are using all of the tools available to you.  We also make recommendations for changes in content and implement analytical tools such as Google Analytics to generate real-time data.
    • Competitive analysis. In order to fully understand your position in your particular market, we also analyze your competition, including how well they are utilizing digital marketing strategies and how you can best compete with them for the attention of your potential customers.
    • Baseline report. Once we have collected all of our data, we generate a baseline report, giving you a digital marketing profile.  We will use the data from this report as a benchmark so that we can easily compare your future growth.
    • Set clear and measurable goals. After all of the analysis, it is time to set clear, measurable goals so that we know what to work for.  You will be intimately involved in this goal-setting process so that the final goals reflect your desires for your company.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Horizon Marketing is to tailor our marketing plans to our customer’s individual needs and to provide them with only the services they need.  We also believe in involving our customers in every aspect of the planning and execution of their digital marketing ideas.