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Often a customer’s first impression of your business is your website. The design and content of it should lend credibility to your company. The design and functionality of your website has an impact on your rankings in Internet search results (SERP). Google and other search engines are looking for very specific criteria as they rank websites. At Horizon Marketing, we can design your website around these criteria. To be successful, you not only want increased traffic to your site, but conversions as well.



To ensure high page ranking, the content of your website must be based upon keywords that are searched most often and pertain to your business. The amount of content and the frequency of the content updates, also impact your page ranking. Your page ranking is also determined by the quality of the content on your site.

Subject authority in your site content can also affect your page ranking. These and other factors determine your page ranking. We will examine them all and give you sound and specific strategies to dominate your competitors online.

Visitors need to be presented with a cohesive message. Once traffic has been driven to your site, it needs to be user-friendly so observers will become buyers.  If you are looking for the most functional web design, we will provide you with a website that is easy to use. We will help you with the overall custom design.

Your business is unique and your web presence needs to reflect your business’ distinctive point of view. With more and more of your clients, patients or customers using smart phones and tablets to search for products and services it is important that your site be mobile enabled and responsive to all devices. We can work with you to design a dynamic user friendly, mobile enabled website. With the knowledge and understanding of your business, we will work with you to design a website that will be an important source of information for your potential clients.

Continued development of effective strategy and content will ensure your site’s continued high ranking on search pages. Through report analysis we can determine those keywords, search frequency and what visitors to your site are looking for as they browse. Our post click optimization process will compare and find the best performing page elements of your site and build on those. With our experienced online advertising and marketing professionals, we will provide ongoing input for changes to your site that will continue to get you the desired results. We simply work harder to produce better and more content with more links, than your competitors. Our strength is the online marketing strategies we develop for our clients.

We can help you convert ‘clicks’ into dollars with our Web Design and Development for your website.

We will make your ideas come to life and get you the most return on investment, get started today; .