Search Engine Marketing or SEM is part of a larger strategy to improve your website’s performance in terms of visitors, click-throughs, and ultimately purchases.  SEM is considered one half of the broader term “Search Marketing,” which also encompasses Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  In simple terms, SEO means earning traffic for your website through unpaid listings; SEM is a more direct way of purchasing listings that will lead to greater website traffic.


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There are many strategies that can be used to improve your website’s traffic under the umbrella of SEM.  We use a wide variety of methods, although we focus on the ones that will gain you the best traffic and customers most quickly.  Three of our most common techniques are:


Pay-Per Click Campaigns

 PPC stands for pay-per-click.  This advertising model allows you to pay a fee each time one of your ads is clicked, leading to better traffic for you and targeted advertising on major websites, often at a fraction of the cost of developing your own ad campaign.


In most PPC models, you bid on certain keywords relevant to your target market.  Whenever someone looks for certain keywords, your ads are immediately in front of them, encouraging them to shop with you.  Another feature of successful PPC models is the use of “pay on the spot” advertising.  This means that the customer can actually shop and purchase directly by clicking on the ad.
PPC campaigns can be very successful, but it is important to be sure that you have weighed the cost of this type of advertising against your return on investment.  At Horizon Marketing, we build and track PPC campaigns to ensure that you get the best return on your advertising dollar.


Remarketing Services

 Remarketing services help you to keep in touch with those who have already visited your website, keeping your name and brand in the forefront of their browsing.  Return customers are a large part of almost every business, so it is very important to remind those who have shopped with you previously of their good experience with your company.  Remarketing is also a great way to target new ads to your existing market.

Google remarketing

Remarketing works by placing your ads and information on websites where your customers browse.  Google Display Network and other platforms allow you to target those who are identified as having been previous browsers or customers for specific types of advertising.

Horizon Marketing can help you use remarketing strategies effectively to reach potential return customers and keep them coming back.


Banner Advertising

 Nothing reaches customers like bright, colorful images and graphics.  Banner advertising is intended to take advantage of this fact with bright, bold advertisements that are embedded in websites. Banner ads can be text in bright fonts or bright background colors, image ads or even video ads.

When you purchase banner advertising, your ads are directed at customers on various websites each time they open a page.  These across-the-top ads, known as leaderboards, and down-the-side ads, known as skyscrapers, have the ability to attract and keep your customers’ attention.

Banner Ads

Horizon Marketing can help you design a banner ad campaign that will give you the results you want at an affordable cost.

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