Social media has changed the way businesses connect and interact with their customers and clients. Your business can now create and access a type of online community where you can enhance and promote your brand, generate new customers, and improve customer service.

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small-iStock_000034943248_FullIn point of fact, social media marketing is already having an impact on your business. Your customers, clients or patients are already talking about your business. It is very important that you implement an effective social media campaign to engage with those who are talking about your business for good or ill. Even the best of class companies will get a bad review. What matters is that you have an effective strategy to deal with negative reviews and an effective campaign to grow fans, followers and increase likes for your company.

Marketing programs created through social networking sites create content that attracts attention and encourages people to share this information, user to user. This form of marketing is driven by ‘word-of-mouth’. Social networking sites allow individuals to interact with one another, building relationships. As products or companies join these sites, potential customers or clients can interact with your company over its business or products. Such interaction feels personal to the users and gives your business immediate access to your customer base.

As a business using social media, you will be able to connect with not only your customers but all of their contacts. Putting your company’s message and products in front of people who will in turn, send it to their contacts, will drive more traffic to your business with very little cost to you in terms of advertising dollars. By choosing whom you follow on these sites, you will be able to reach a very narrow target market. You will be able to create a loyal customer community that feels they have a personal connection to your company.

Horizon Marketing can help you create an appropriate strategy for your social media marketing campaign. Once we have evaluated your needs, listed the possible network sites, and discussed with you their benefits; we will create a plan that is customized to your specific business goals. Your business needs a presence on social media networks and we will create and manage your online profile in order to generate new leads and attract traffic to your business.

Social networks that you should consider are: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin and Pinterest at a minimum.

small-iStock_000049694198_XXXLargeWe can create a Facebook profile for you on which you can post events and develop interactive applications to contact your prospective customers. You will be able to post testimonials from your clients or customers in which others will be able to comment.

Twitter has changed the way communication is handled on the web. It will enable you to promote your brand in real-time with product updates and sharing information while building your customer base and promoting your company online.

Google+ was launched in June of 2011. Currently it is the fastest growing social network site. It can bridge the gap between those searching online and social media by changing the way people find your business.

Sixty-five percent of companies use Linkedin to increase sales. It can help you to interact with clients, drive traffic, and create new opportunities for your business.

Pinterest can help people find your products, share them with others and even have purchases transacted on the web.

Your business will benefit from the value of Social Media Marketing in higher visibility and more opportunities for interacting with your new and soon to be customers and clients. This will result in expanding your customer base. Your online campaigns will be realized in offline leads and increased sales. Contact Horizon Marketing today; get the most out of your advertising dollar with online Social Media Marketing.