5 Signals Your CTA is Stale

Have you noticed that your traffic is falling off from social media and landing pages? One element to look at is your call-to-action. Every so often, they need tweaking and changing. Here are 5 signals that your CTA is Stale or isn’t working as hard for your brand as it used to.

1. Landing Page Traffic Diminished

One of the biggest clues is found in your stats, look at the past 90 days of traffic for your landing page or pages. Hopefully, it continues to rise, if it is showing a downward trend, it’s time to change up your CTA before it goes into freefall. Take a hard look at your landing page, basically, people want something in exchange for their information.
Good things to offer in exchange for contact information are:

  • Free eBooks relevant to your industry or niche
  • Free whitepaper reports
  • Free ticket to your next webinar
  • Free service you offer (just a taste, such as an SEO firm offering a free SEO health check for a website)

2. Leads are Not Coming In

If your leads are dwindling, and this is especially significant if your traffic on the page has not dropped, your CTA is not enticing anyone to click. Another common issue is the link does not work Periodically, check out your landing pages and CTA links, click them and make sure they perform as they should.

3. Too Many Layers For Visitors

If your landing page is getting traffic and three pages down is your CTA, and your traffic is falling off, that’s a huge clue that visitors are not interested in this sales funnel setup. It’s okay to have a CTA on your landing page and can work to grab more eyes and steer them towards your offer. 

4. Putting Your CTA Below the Fold

Okay, let’s just say it, visitors can be impatient. If your CTA involves scrolling down, chances are they will tap on to another site. Get with your web developer and move your CTAs above the fold so they are easily seen. 

5. Your CTA Is Not Bold Enough

Common design mistakes that make visitors miss your CTA when it’s above the fold are hiding it in the sidebar or not using eye-catching colors or graphics. This is the reason for the page to exist. Make sure that your CTA grabs eyes when someone lands on the page.

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