How to Acquire and Manage Online Customer Reviews

In the vast world of online marketing, customer reviews and ratings are an essential pointer to the growth and success of an online business. Reviews are social proofs from clients of their feelings towards a product and its authenticity. These reviews heavily influence the acquisition of more clients or sometimes the loss of the existing few. 

Every determined online entrepreneur must continuously go through customer reviews in real-time to identify and bring to light positive sediments left behind by those who visited the product site. These reviews are to be published below the product description to woo other potential clients into purchasing.

According to a study by pew research center, about 48% of online consumers find it hard to tell if a review is true.  

  1. How to Earn More Positive Customer Reviews

Getting a good review is difficult. More established companies like Amazon or Alibaba spend so much time before publishing a review to make sure it aligns with the organization’s values and target customer expectations. 

This efficiently helps the management to get an accurate picture of the popularity of a product and consequently project sales expected. At the same time, it gives the company insights into what needs to be improved or changed. 

How to Maximize the Power of the Reviews

To effectively utilize product review as a powerful tool in online marketing, one has to adopt an extraordinary approach. Develop the best technique for ensuring that the reviews are coming through consistently. You may achieve this through:

  • Placing the reviews where it is easy to see them. This may be on the homepage or the products page.
  • Introducing a review tab widget and place it strategically 
  •   Incorporating images in the reviews 
  • When replying to a client, it is advisable to quote the company name or keywords of the product. It improves the outcomes in the search results. However, this approach should never be used in replying to a negative review

How to Manage Online Customer Reviews

Positive product reviews are a sure indication that a product is receiving a positive market. It is essential to handle them appropriately to attain the best impact on the product. To achieve this, you can:

  • Treat each review individually: According to Jared Weitz, when a client starts a conversation about a product, it is important to keep the conversation going, even if it is on the negative side.
  • Encourage the customer: A client feels very encouraged to see that he has been noticed and that someone on the other side has replied. Be kind enough to leave them a personalized reply – Daisy Jing.
  • Open up a free conversation channel: It is advisable to add a contact address or telephone and encourage them to feel free to call.
  • Be accommodating: Online clients vary a lot in age. It’s important to acknowledge and consider a customer’s age when responding to reviews because this makes them feel appreciated. For example, you cannot reply to a child the way you would an older person.
  1. How to Deal with Negative Customer Reviews

When the introduction of a product does not receive a positive welcome in the market, most reviews will likely be negative. Negative reviews are long and very emotional, with too many negative details. While responding to these reviews, observe the following.

  1. Be courteous and self-restrained. Give simple and relaxed explanations why there exist some faults in the product. It gives the customer assurance that you are serious about improving whatever may be wrong.
  2. If possible, address the customer by name. It would help if you also were professional enough to say your name and your job title in the company. It gives the customer the impression that you are the best person to handle the matter.
  3. Start by thanking the customer for the review. He feels recognized. Assure him you are doing your very best to resolve the issue.
  4. First, admit the mistake, then apologize wisely. Always avoid confrontations, and acknowledge the moment you make a mistake. Then let the negative reviewer know that their point has been accepted and follow up with them until the issue is sorted.
  5. Find out if the consumer can agree to a physical meeting or if they are available for a call to discuss more. This strategy is to resolve a matter before it spirals out of control quickly.
  6. Keep any promises that you make. A customer reviewer will closely monitor whatever you say because they want to prove your incompetence; prove them wrong. Take additional action, work with the customer if you have to, and always communicate until the matter is solved.

Online customer reviews are a sure way of gauging the progress that a company is making with a particular product. It should, therefore, be implemented strategically to maintain a pleasant impression on the customer at all times. Remember that the customer is always right.