Productivity Hacks for Your Marketing

No one has to tell you that marketing makes the difference in the success of your brand. Why have arguably the best product or service out there if no one finds out about it? Finding time to market is a whole other story, and trying to do everything manually can lead to burnout. And that’s where productivity comes into play.

How Suited is Your Environment for Productivity?
Whether you work at home or in an office setting, distractions are there and ready to pull you off-task.

  • Get rid of clutter on your desk or workspace
  • Is your area too hot or too cold?
  • Multiple tabs open on your desktop can be a distraction

Is There an App for That?
Automating repetitious tasks can free up time to do other jobs. Take advantage of apps and software that can handle mundane tasks such as data reporting, CRM tasks, web stats, and other challenges that take up your day.

Sandbox and Test New Marketing Strategies
It is important to fail fast when it comes to marketing; not wasting time is the very heart of productivity. Split test any ads or landing pages to determine which one is the most engaging. Your customers will show you what they want through their actions. Also, make it a point to ask sales reps what they see out in the field for services or products customers are asking for or something a competitor is doing that you can do better.

Weekly Meetings are Vital to Productivity
Even if you are a “solopeneur,” it is vital to set some time aside weekly to reflect on what went right and what didn’t. For brands with staff, make sure every team member feels heart. Ask your team what experiences they have that can relate to current situations and improve outcomes.

Other things to cover in weekly meetings include:

  • Accentuate the positive and celebrate achievements
  • Acknowledge high performers
  • Make sure breaks and vacations are taken, one brand gave bonuses to employees that finished all work Monday through Friday before 5 pm weekly
  • Work with employees to offer flex schedules or remote work whenever possible

Outsource Your Marketing
Sometimes fresh eyes can ramp up your marketing in ways that cannot be accomplished internally. Consider outsourcing your
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Web Development to an outside marketing agency that can level up sales and growth. Because it frees up you and your team to service customers (productivity!), it allows for more focus on creating a quality experience for every client.

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