Content Marketing and Why You Need It

There are three things that drive a successful online business in terms of marketing: SEO, social network presence and content marketing. By far, content marketing is the most crucial to get right.

What is the Definition of Content?

Think broader than a blog post when you consider content. It can be text, videos, infographics, or even a graph. Streamable or downloadable PDFs, podcasts or slideshows are also great for sharing as information about your product, service or industry. Basically anything you feel your visitors will have an interest in.

How Does Content Help With SEO?

If it’s good and relevant to the rest of your site it does.
The days of simply dropping low-quality, low-word-count keyword posts on a blog and getting rankings are long over. In the present, one of the most important Google algorithms to please is the “time to click” algorithm. This is a measurement of how long a visitor stayed on your page before hitting the back button or otherwise leaving.

Social Signals Help Too

When content is shared on social media, it generates traffic to your website and this action increases user engagement. All of these factors are positive as far as search engines are concerned and it is a vote that your site is a quality experience. The result? Better search engine rankings in organic searches.

Create a Publishing Plan

Many brands make the mistake of jumping in gung-ho and publishing daily or more on their sites and then when immediate results do not occur, interest wanes off or they get busy in other aspects of the business and the post frequency reduces or stops altogether. This lack of posting works against the blog and any gains made in organic results will begin to be lost and it will slip down under sites that are actively updating their content. Create a publishing plan that includes publishing a blog post at least once a week and outsource the writing if you need to.