4 Things That Are Killing Your Content Marketing

Having a great, well-designed website is part of the battle to entice visitors to become customers. Understanding that Google wants to create a unique and positive experience for every user means your website should deliver unique, informative content. Here are four things to avoid doing: Create content regularlyWe see this one a lot. A startup … Read more

Tips for Using Content Marketing to Target Clients

It’s great to have visitors coming to your website, but you want clients. If you have a decent traffic flow and the sales are not happening, it might be due to a lack of targeting. Let’s face it; the days of creating content to get indexed in Google is gone. And that’s not a bad … Read more

Content Marketing and Why You Need It

There are three things that drive a successful online business in terms of marketing: SEO, social network presence and content marketing. By far, content marketing is the most crucial to get right. What is the Definition of Content?Think broader than a blog post when you consider content. It can be text, videos, infographics, or even … Read more