4 Things That Are Killing Your Content Marketing

Having a great, well-designed website is part of the battle to entice visitors to become customers. Understanding that Google wants to create a unique and positive experience for every user means your website should deliver unique, informative content. Here are four steps to avoid doing things that are killing your content marketing: Create content regularlyWe … Read more

Tips for Using Content Marketing to Target Clients

Tips for Using Content Marketing

It’s great to have visitors coming to your website, but you want clients. If you have a decent traffic flow and the sales are not happening, it might be due to a lack of targeting. Let’s face it; the days of creating content to get indexed in Google is gone. And that’s not a bad … Read more

Content Marketing and Why You Need It

Content Marketing and Why You Need It

There are three things that drive a successful online business in terms of marketing: SEO, social network presence and content marketing. By far, content marketing is the most crucial to get right. What is the Definition of Content? Think broader than a blog post when you consider content. It can be text, videos, infographics, or … Read more