Tips for Using Content Marketing to Target Clients

It’s great to have visitors coming to your website, but you want clients. If you have a decent traffic flow and the sales are not happening, it might be due to a lack of targeting.

Let’s face it; the days of creating content to get indexed in Google is gone. And that’s not a bad thing, and you have to admit some of the items at the top of the search results was annoying, especially when it got there because it was written using the same keyword ten times in a single post.

Keywords definitely still have a place in content creation, but you should always go for informing, engaging, and creating content they want to share. Here are tips for using content marketing to target clients:

Inform If You Want to Sell
When you teach someone about your industry, product, or service, it builds trust. Trust is the foundation of all solid sales and brand loyalty. Ideas for trust-building content, including how to use your product, problems it solves, and reposts from social media of happy customers.

Engage Them, Make Your Readers React
The best content creates feelings in the reader. How many times has someone shared a post with you that made them happy or outraged? When your brand content touches people, and they share it, it expands the reach of your brand organically. In a study by Business Insider, content that made readers respond as “Awe” or “Wow” had an average 25% share rate. Things that make people laugh tend to get shared just over 17% of the time.

Search Engines Love Lengthy Content
If you really want Google to love your site, start producing well-crafted articles of 2,000 words or more crafted around a long tail keyword that is relevant to your website. These articles tend to have both staying power and do well in organic search results when they are informative for readers. Optimizing your website for featured snippets furthers that cause in your favor. And always have a CTA at the end. Avoid clickbait and stick to how to’s, lists, and tutorials as types of content to post.

People Don’t Like to Leave Social Media
Understand that people don’t like to leave their chosen social media platforms. It is vital to learn how to convey little snacks of information about your product and service that link to your site. And you don’t have to link every post to your website; in fact, it can harm your reach on the network if you do. It’s considered spammy to drop links in replies unless asked. Be social, inform your readers, and you can build up your brand.

Create Content Regularly
You don’t have to do it every day (although it’s great if you do), but once you decide to publish blog posts, decide on a schedule, and keep it. Even if it is just once a week, it will make a difference.

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