Best Times to Post on Social Media – Infographic Series

It’s good to plan your social media posting around #Events and #SpecialDays that relate to your market, such as foodie observances like National Hot Dog Day or #WorldCoffeeDrinkersDay is something nearly everyone can get behind. Then, there are posts you really want to get seen. While you might do an inspirational quote in the morning, … Read more

Things You Need to Know About Social Media

When it comes to promoting your small to medium-sized business on social media, there are most definitely right and wrong ways to go about it. Here is an overview of things to do (and not do) 1. There is no magic formula for clicks/engagementContrary to what you’ve read, posting x amount of times a day … Read more

5 Things Social Media Should Accomplish for Your Brand – Infographic

Once upon a time, if you wanted to know about a company you only had a few avenues to use: 1 – Look them up in the Yellow Pages to find out basic information (and hopefully the company forked over the big bucks for the large-side block ad that had hours and basic service stuff … Read more

5 Crucial Elements in Your Social Media Audit

No one wants to read social media posts that basically say, “Hey buy my product.” and “Hey, use my service.” Over and over and over, even if you put a cool gif image with it to make it “fun.” If you could make all ads completely enjoyable as entertainment, then you will have cracked the … Read more