5 Things Social Media Should Accomplish for Your Brand – Infographic

Once upon a time, if you wanted to know about a company you only had a few avenues to use: 1 – Look them up in the Yellow Pages to find out basic information (and hopefully the company forked over the big bucks for the large-side block ad that had hours and basic service stuff listed, otherwise you had to call to find out), 2- Call the BBB or Chamber of Commerce. 3- Ask friends and coworkers what they think of the company.   Now, you can still do all of those things, but the majority of people look up businesses on Google (hence the reason for needing a good site with good content), and they check out social media. This is the area that hurts some businesses because they either don’t have a social media presence or they have a weak one due to infrequent posting or their content is one big advertisement. No one wants to read straight-up ads on social media, ever.