Does Your Landing Page Entice or Repel Visitors?

Does your website have a landing page? If leads are drying up or just flat out no longer happening, it’s time to decipher what is going on. The first answer is in the analytics. When your landing page is working for your brand, the leads should be increasing over time as your organic reach grows. Here is an overview of some of the critical elements a great landing page should have:

Ease of Page Navigation
Remember, as many people as are visiting your page on computers are also visiting via mobile devices. If they don’t find the page easy to get around and understand what the purpose is, your page needs revamping fast. Common issues are too many choices. Your call-to-action (CTA) should encompass a single goal on each page.

Ask for Minimal Information
For lead generation, determine the least amount of information you need. You can get more information during the follow-up. Also, people lose interest in landing pages quickly if the lead collection form looks like a form. Ask for an email or phone number only and make it easy to submit and you will find that people will do precisely that!

Make the Page Easy to Skim
True fact: people looking for information about your product and service are skimming. Make it easy for them. Use bolded headings, bulleted lists, and use an easy-to-read font.

Every Image Should Count
As humans, we’re visual creatures, but an animated gif overload and popup boxes, chatbots and other things can overwhelm visitors quickly. Stay true to the purpose of your landing page. It needs to direct visitors to complete your desired action.

Build Trust
It starts with an SSL certificate. Why should someone give you information if you don’t care enough to make your site secure? Show badges for online safety organizations you’re affiliated with such as Truste or Thawte.

Use these tips to level up your landing page and capture more leads. When your landing page is done right, it is a powerful ambassador for your brand online 24/7.