Are Googles Local Service Ads Right For Your Business?

Are Googles Local Service Ads Right

Since 2000 when Google Adwords came onto the scene, many people did not know it was its second attempt at having an ad platform. Premium Sponsorship was actually the first, but it didn’t have the appeal that bidding on a keyword, and the more you were willing to pay, the higher your ad appeared. This meant small to medium-sized businesses could suddenly compete on a level playing field with the corporate giants for the same consumers. Unfortunately, this led to some keywords rising to be $100 per click and bidding wars occasionally driving niche market keywords to high prices for that coveted top three spot.

In the present, search tactics have changed tremendously, and Google has answered the call for more local-based service provider listings with their Local Service Ads (LSAs).

If you are a service provider, LSAs may be a great way for you to get your services out there in front of the eyes that are most likely to use them: local searchers. You have to go through and get approved for the Local Trust Pack because Google will voucher for you through either the Google Guaranteed program or Google Screened.
If you are involved in any of these industries, it is worth your time to look into this form of advertising:
Appliance repair
Carpet cleaning professionals

House cleaning services
Interior decor

Landscaping and lawn care pros
Movers both local and cross country

Pest control
Pet care providers, including groomers
Tree service pros
Water damage restoration services
Window maintenance and installation
Flooring installation and repair
Countertop services
Siding installation or repair

When a local searcher sees your LSA and the green checkmark, they know that you have passed both a background and credentials check, and Google guarantees it. Google Screened is for the use of other service professionals such as
Financial planners
Professional photographers
Event planners and venue hosts
Tax specialists and preparers

If you want to create a more substantial local presence on Google, look into whether LSAs are right for your marketing needs. The return on the investment in the time and bidding on the ads may surprise you with the positive results.

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